Distributor of Gold Note in Portugal

Phono il Magnifico

The best phono cable designed by Gold Note:
Sales price €6900,00



    Made with solid core pure silver cryogenically treated multi conductors and fitted in a Gold Note proprietary design geometry using sealed Elastollan® air tube filled with a special thick mineral oil working as dielectric, that also damps the conductor’s energy vibration

    Featuring a special active battery grounding system to perfectly shield the cable blocking all external magnetic and electrical interferences RFI/EMI

    The cable geometry is fully balanced featuring custom made pure rhodium treated connectors directly highly plated on a layer of 99,999999% pure silver only completely Nickel free to achieve the best conductivity

    Il Magnifico guarantees unsurpassed performance and superior audio purity for a lifetime of listening pleasure


    Construction: solid core Gold Note separate insulated geometry
    Conductors: pure silver Gold Note conductors 4x18AWG
    Insulation: Elastollan® pipe, separate conductors wet in mineral oil
    Capacitance: 16pF/mt
    Inductance: 0.5μH
    Resistance: 0.0001ohm
    Shield: Passing through box active battery powered

    RCA: nickel free rhodium purified treatment
    XLR: nickel free rhodium purified treatment
    DIN: 4poles + Ground nickel free rhodium purified treatment

    Flexibility: medium
    Admitted bending: medium-low
    Cable diameter: 20mm