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gilio 900


The Giglio turntable follows the beauty and technical innovation of the new generation of turntable designed by Gold Note featuring an evident distinction and the legacy of strong Tuscan origins.
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    The Giglio features a 50 mm/ 1.9 inch- thick, curved plinth of lacquered wood chosen for its exceptional elasticity, strength and high density.  Handmade by skillful Italian craftsmen, the wooden plinth, evocative of the Italian sea in Tuscany, creates a strong union between the finished product and the local artisan tradition..

    The curved plinth is precisely cut on the inner side to perfectly interface with a 3 mm stainless steel shaped board threaded to the massive wooden curved plinth in 16 strategic points.  The structure is completed by a 20 mm/ 0.78 inch thick black polished acrylic layer that hosts the electronic board of the turntable and lowering the total frequency resonance at the same time
    The curved wooden plinth is the result of years of research by Gold Note engineers.  This new design of the wood replaces the traditional rectangular massive plinth with a shape that offers extra rigidity obtained thanks to the unparalleled curves, a more sophisticated technical design and a much better look as well.

    The Giglio features the same 12 Volt synchronous motor developed for the Mediterraneo turntable. The PWM – Pulse Width Modulator – design transforms the power voltage in AC-DC-AC mode, enabling the best coupling of the two AC semi-waves for a perfect coupling, eliminating any motor resistance and vibration and allowing the highest motor torque at the same time. The Power Supply of the motor electronically control the 33 and 45 rpm and the fine speed adjust keeping the selection permanently in the turntable memory even without AC power.

    The new perfectly polished hourglass shaped motor pulley also allows the turntable belt to spin very smoothly reducing the wow & flutter and noise as never before.
    The 80 mm/ 3.14 inch  long platter Spindle/Bearing is made of best-hardened steel and bronze for top quality audio performance. The platter bearing is recessed into the acrylic top plinth to keep the platter as close as possible to the turntable structure reducing the turbulence generated by the rotation.

    The 23 mm/0.90 inch platter made of black Sustarin, a special material based on a PTE polymer; rigid but dead at the same time, features an extraordinary ability to reduce vibration feedback while the high mass helps a regular rotational stability.
    The platter is designed to stay only 3 mm/0.11 inch  close to the turntable plinth. Such small platter/plinth interference allows for reduced turbulence featuring the greatest noiseless functionality.

    The new Giglio as well as the Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable redefine the traditional skill of transferring into an audio item the essence of the “air” and “ground” from which the main inspiration of its design comes. From the outset a special shape not only influences sound performance but also reminds one of the elegance and impetuous power of sea waves. The choice of materials shows a dedication to the native ground that goes beyond the musical dimension of the product. 

    Wooden Curved Plinth Exotic Design
    A 50 mm/1.96 inch handcrafted curved lacquered wood structure allows extra rigidity and vibration control.

     Triple tuned Plinths for the best audio purity
    The Giglio plinth is made of 3 tuned plinths composed by a 50 mm curved wood, a 3 mm stainless steel layer, and a 20 mm black acrylic layer, interfaced with each other for the best vibration control.

    Innovative Turntable Motor Power Control
    The Giglio features a power control generator based on PWM technology – Pulse Width Modulation. The PWM power drive generates the power AC-DC-AC enabling the best coupling of the two AC semi-wave for a perfect coupling literally annulling any motor resistance and vibration while allowing the highest motor torque the same.

    High Precision Platter Bearing/Spindle
    The Giglio features a 80 mm long platter bearing/spindle with one of the best coupling tolerance available on the market. The spindle is made of the hardest carbon rectified steel hardened to guarantee a perfect working fluidity. The bearing is made of polished bronze with a tolerance of 2/100 mm to guarantee the smoothest platter rotation.
    The platter is designed to stay only 3 mm closed to the turntable plinth. Such small platter/plinth interference allows reducing turbulence featuring the greatest noiseless functionality.

    Gold Note B-5.1 Tonearm (included)

    Ultra Dead Design Platter
    The Ultra Dead Platter of the Giglio is made of a special PTE polymer that guarantees a stable rotational stability working even against the vibration feedback to enhance the best audio performance.

    Easy Setup package included
    The package includes a dedicated Gold Note B-5.1 tonearm and ultra transparent handcrafted acrylic dust cover.
    For the cartridge (not included) please check the available options listed below.


    Wow & Flutter 0.02%
    Rumble -80 dB
    Speed 33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0.1%
    Speed changing Electronic with fine pitch control
    Transmission 70 shores elasticity rectified black polyvinyl belt
    Motor 12V High Torque synchronous, externally powered
    Platter Ultra Dead Design Sustarin, 23 mm height
    Platter spindle Special Split-Spindle clamping the platter
    Platter bearing Finely polished bronze
    Tonearm Gold Note B5.1 tonearm
    Cartridge Not included
    Dust cover Ultra transparent handcrafted acrylic dust cover
    Power supply 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz, depending on market destination and not convertible
    Power consumption 20W max
    Length 425 mm (16.732 in)
    Height 200 mm (7.874 in)
    Depth 360 mm (14.173 in)
    Weight 15 kg (33.069 lbs)