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Babele MM

Though the Babele MM is the Gold Note entry level MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge, it features a body carefully dampened to absorb vibrations enabling high quality audio performance.
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    The Babele MM conveniently features two brass threaded inserts helping the installation also allowing a perfect solid arm head-shell blocking.
    The 3.0mV gain output together with 470 ohm internal impedance allows the Babele MM to be conveniently driven easily by any kind of MM (Moving Magnet) phono preamplifier.

    Please Note: to preserve the uniqueness all the new Babele MM cartridges have the serial number indelibly engraved on the cartridge body.


    Typology: MM (Moving Magnet) Phono Cartridge
    Output level: 3.0 mV
    Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
    Impedance: 400 ohm
    Suggested load: 47 Kohm
    Compliance: 15×10-6 cm/dyne
    Channel separation: >20 dB
    Suggested tracking weight: 1.5 to 2.0 g
    Cantilever: aluminium
    Diamond: Elliptical shape
    Mounting hole diamond distance: 9 mm

    Total weight: 6 g